The 10 Most Innovative Wearable Technology Companies 2014

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Written by: Watson lee

Wearable technology is a huge area of research and development today spanning watches that track heart rate, glasses which function as computers, and the list goes on. However, in any area, there are always going to be companies that stand out for their outstanding devices. These are the top wearable technology companies and examples of their top products.

1. Moticon is a clear winner with the world’s first integrated and wireless sensor insole which they named OpenGo. This handy little device can be used to monitor and provide direct feedback on gait training and overload prevention. It also is used for training feedback in sports. What makes this technology remarkable is that it is as thin as a normal insole and flexible. The insole can store or transmit data as needed and is cost effective as well.

2. Myontec makes a strong frontrunner with their MBODY shorts which combine biosignal technology and electronics into a comfortable and fashionable sportswear choice. These shorts measure muscular activity of the quadriceps and hamstrings on both legs as well as conventional data like speed, altitude, and heart rate. The data can be followed on a mobile device or computer during and after exercise. It’s a new technology on the market but is showing popularity in sports enthusiasts such as runners and cyclists.

3. Artur Technologies LLC isn’t a household name, but has developed a new product known as the smart button. This is a universal sleep analyzer which can be used in all age groups and attached to any article of clothing. While wearing it, users can measure movement, activity, and breathing during sleep with the data transmitted to an app. The measurements are done five times every second and display in an easy to understand manner. For people who struggle with sleeping, have breathing problems, or any other relevant disorders or conditions, this smart button is a huge step forwards.

4. Horatio GMBH. Of course some wearable technology is going to be more relevant to some groups than others, but this company has developed tools which truly fit a need in the market. Their most notable invention is the Kinder-radar. The radar is a wearable sensor that can be worn by children or elderly individuals. The sensor transmits location information to an app and notifies if a child gets lost by vibrating and playing a melody. The sensor uses Bluetooth technology and has multiple features to ensure that parents, teachers, and caregivers can have greater peace of mind.

5. Now Computing is a leader in technology and specifically gaming. Their newest project is StormFly, an amazingly fast storage device with an open source operating system that’s embedded in a wristband. With this wristband, you can take your operating system and any critical data with you on the go without having to carry a laptop or tablet. This device also securely encrypts everything on it and comes with an automatic backup service in case of loss or theft. This is a huge advantage for gamers as well as the average computer user.

6. Trendwoo is a company that’s known for their wearable technology. One of their newly developed technologies is Motion, a wireless stereo sport headset, the perfect combination of high-tech and wearability that users want in a device. This hands-free headset lets users run, bike, or do any other activity while enjoying music or any other audio through Bluetooth technology. In addition to its basic function, these lightweight headsets also transmit heart rate information to a phone or other device. It’s comfortable to wear for an extended period and has many benefits for sports and fitness.

7. Recon Instruments continues to evolve over time with their HUD technology. This year, athletes can view caller ID, select music from their phones, and read SMS on the HUD screen. With the release of their software development kit and the creation of apps, Recon continues to expand their range of user-defined information in a variety of sports. For almost every athlete, having access to information instantly is a game-changer that improves performance. Recon’s HUDs are now available on the market and sold in most countries through specialty and electronics stores.

8. Limmex AG is known for their small devices with amazing power. The Limmex Watch carries on this tradition with an emergency call system that features impressive simplicity and strong design with a huge selection of models. A simple press of a button makes a call through the phone and an integrated loudspeaker and microphone allow the wearer to speak to the person selected in case of an emergency. Up to 10 numbers can be stored and called until someone answers. Also, this watch operates easily with only the crown available for setting the time and the emergency button. The emergency call system has many benefits including increased safety and self-sufficiency for many people.

9. Diesel Dogs LLC is not a typical name for a technology company, and they certainly don’t produce typical products. One of their popular developments is weights that combine Bluetooth technology and a highly accurate motion sensor. These Smart Weights allow users to automatically log and track their sets, reps, duration, and form. They ca also be used to define custom exercise routines and upload workout summaries. Users can easily track their progress and from an app, ensure that they meet their workout goals every time.

10. The CoreMD may be last on the list, but certainly isn’t any less notable. They are a leader for wearable medical devices that perform a variety of functions. They can be used to sense body conditions such as blood pressure, glucose, alert users that they’ve reached a certain threshold,. and even inject drugs subcutaneously such as insulin. Their artificial pancreas system called the Pancreum is a huge step forward for individuals with diabetes and allows greater independence on a daily basis. This and other devices transmit to an app that can be accessed on any smartphone and provides a leading-edge safety system.

These amazing companies stand out as leaders in the market for their advances in the medical, health, athletic, and other fields. Creating unique products that allow people greater independence and information, these are some of the top wearable tech devices of 2014 and their companies.

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