Apps to Make Your Business Run Smoother

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Whether you’re in the food industry or you operate a retail store, the time restraints and demands you face as a business owner are massive. Even if you’ve been in business for a while and have all the proper positions filled by good employees, there are still tasks that you’ll need to handle on your own that can’t be pushed onto someone else. The good news is that you aren’t going to have to face these tasks on your own; you can easily use apps to help you get things done. Whether they’re on your phone or on your tablet device, using apps to make your business run smoother has never been easier. There are a few places where apps really take center stage and can be the most beneficial, so here are a few of those genres so you know where to start.

Sales Data

If you’/re like most business owners, than the first and last thing that you think about each day are your profits. Having access to up to date sales data used to require heading down to your store and looking through the receipt tapes, but now everything is handled electronically so you can access it on the fly. There are a lot of great apps out there that allow you to access your sales data from anywhere, but the exact app you need to use will depend on the type of hardware used to run your cash register and accounting systems.


Whether you have a physical store or sell items exclusively online, chances are that you’ll have a website and actively market your goods or services online. No matter how you choose to manage your marketing, most platforms will have an easy to use app that will make things a lot easier. Not only can you manage your marketing campaigns from the app, but you should also have access to tips and advice that will make your business stronger.


The difference in accuracy when tracking your business’s inventory with or without an app will literally be night and day. Having the ability to make inventory adjustments from anywhere will allow you to ensure your numbers are as precise as possible. For instance, if you owned a bar, keeping track of the big things like kegs and bottles of liquor would seem like an easy task. However, keeping track of things that don’t go through your register such as champagne bottle sparklers or supplies such as coasters and napkins isn’t quite so simple. By using an accurate inventory app, you can get control of all your business’s expenses without a difficult learning curve.


Whether you need to make changes to your employees schedule or just keep track of your business meetings, there are dozens of great apps out there to help you with scheduling and time management. Gone are the days of needing personal secretary just to keep your meetings straight, now you can do it with a few taps of your phone’s screen. You’ll need to play around to find the scheduling app that works best for you, but if you are a business owner that is new to the world of using apps to make your business run smoother, this should be one of the first genres that you explore and implement.

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