The Benefits of Online Shopping

Is this scenario familiar? An upcoming event, yes it a work mates birthday party and a chance to meet some certain people for inspiration or to boost your career further (you know what they say about being in the right place, at the right time) and having to find the perfect gift (not to mention the perfect outfit) in less than a week?

I am not the most organised person, life is hectic and I had a backlog of things to do but I ended up wasting my entire morning (and most of my afternoon) window shopping in the city and came back with absolutely nothing. I sat in a coffee shop for half an hour contemplating what to do, as I didn’t want to repeat the same wasted journey the next day, but then the heavens opened and to avoid facing the down pour, I just darted to the nearest tube station and made my way back home.

So after getting back to my flat, feeding the cat and pulling myself together, I trawled the internet in search of an online gift shop which would have the type of ideal gift that I had in mind, and be able to deliver it my door before said event. There are some really good gift shops with reasonable delivery prices and which such a variety of gifts, I ended up being spoilt for choice rather than feeling lost and confused like I did in the busy shops in Central London, bustling with shoppers and blasting loud disco dolly music down my ears while I was trying to pick something. I was never one for a crowd anyway, but how you are ever supposed to buy something when you can’t even hear yourself think, I’ll never know. Anyway I settled for something classy, not overly expensive and got the whole matter tied up in less than an hour. What’s more, my order was delivered within about twenty four hours.

All in all, I think ordering an online gift is an ideal solution when you haven’t got much time and more often than not, you can get a better deal online rather than forking out a lot more money for exactly the same item on the high street. More often than not, you will find gifts online which are not available on the high street too. I enjoyed purchasing the gift from the comfort of my own home, saved some money and I even got my outfit sorted as well!

Written by Cheryl Morris, a writer, photographer, graphic designer and mother of four. She also works for Click Souvenirs, a leading online shop for London Souvenirs.

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