How to Buy a Knife Using the Internet

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You have possibly heard that you should visit a store to try different knives out before you buy one. But maybe you do not have time and you are organizing a feast and you cannot do it with an old knife, or perhaps you live far from a kitchen knife shop or store.

The following are the tips to consider on how to buy a knife online.

  • Look at the appearance of the knife and check the handle. It should be ergonomic by having a comfortable feeling in your hands. Be careful of harsh corners as they are painful, breaks the skin and even cause calluses. If you happen to buy a knife that is uncomfortable, you can sand it down. Cover the blade in a thick cloth, mount the knife on a vice and sand down the uncomfortable surfaces.
  • Check the stats. Try to find out the approximate weight of the knife. What is your preferred weight? Arthritis fingers like light knives while small hands don’t. You should have a precise weight of the knife that you would like to buy online. A heavy knife weighs approximately less than one pound while a light knife is about half a pound. Generally, German knives are heavier while Japanese knives are lighter.
  • Consider the steel quality. This is a trick consideration since the material of steel that have been used to make the knife is very vital. However many companies will not inform you what material it is. Therefore, what to consider is the price. If it is fare and considerable, then it’s probably made of the right steel. Stainless steels will not rust and are the most common. In addition, steels can be tough and brittle and also very sharp.
  • When purchasing your knife, be cautious of reviewers. The deal with personal reviewers is that, you don’t know if they have been maintaining the knife well or they have been using it to chop staffs on ceramic boards. Gather information on the reviews made by them. Chances are that these reviewers will have a good idea of the best knife quality. My favorite reviewer of pocket knives is Knife Den.
  • The length of the knife. The longer the knife the longer the things you can be able to cut only in a single slice. Good knives will always be balanced regardless of the length. In general longer knives have more weight. Therefore, try to get the right length of your knife.

If you are not sure about which particular knife to buy, check the return policy of the shop or try not to spend a lot of money on the knife. If you consider the knife that you purchase online to be a pair of a suit. When your suit arrives you try it. If you don’t like it, you ship it back to the store. Hold your knife in your palm, you can even cut something but don’t use it while cooking before shipping it back.

In any case, do not worry too much over it. Chances are that you could not have liked it instantly even if you tried it in the store and you have to buy a new one anyway. So if it is not possible to return it, keep it for use when your best knife is dirty, or take to a specialized sharpener to see if they can fix it for you.

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