Designing a New WordPress Site with Satellite Internet

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Hello to all my WordPress Subscribers out there! Most of the time when I update this site I like to provide helpful tips about SEO and new and exciting developments in the world of WordPress blogging, but today I think I will expand my horizons a little bit and talk about how much high speed internet service really means to a developer.

For those of you who don’t know, I live out in the country–what they call in the internet world a “rural area.” What does that mean? Having lived in the middle of nowhere for a few years, I’ve gotten used to the fact that social graces and technology are a few years behind out here in the country. Cable internet service is not available, so I’ve got satellite internet. What does this mean for me as a web and WordPress developer? Well, it means my job is a little harder (but, hey, I still get to work from home, so I can’t complain too much, heh).

Satellite Intenet Developer Frustrations

All those webmasters out there like me trying to make it in web development with satellite internet service probably know my frustration. The lag time. The data limits. The high monthly prices. (I am paying $39.99 a month with Calera, do you know any place where I can cheaper service?) No online gaming. (I guess this means no more WOW.) No YouTube video binges. As a blogger, having rural high speed can be really hard and make a simple task into a ten minute task if my satellite internet dish just decides to have a bad day. I’ve learned to handle my frustration by rhythmically pounding my computer desk while a web page is trying to load. What do all of you web devs with satellite internet do to keep yourselves from going crazy?

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