The Empowr Marketplace and Social Network

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When an all-new chance appears for people to make more cash and construct a much better future for themselves, there are always those that believe it will not work out in their favor. This kind of talk has occurred for hundreds or possibly even thousands of years, but it is not something that should dissuade you from taking the time to make your own decisions in life.

empowrWhiteBG00The Empowr social network is one of these such opportunities. Unlike all other social networks on the internet today, Empowr shares all of their revenues with their users so that they can get the value that they deserve from the contributions they make to the site.

Those who tell you why you should not join Empowr usually do not understand that this platform isn’t just an additional social network like the rest, but it is an online system that brings information, advertising, and real business all under one roof. It is an internet within the internet.

For the purposes of this post, we will focus solely on an overview of Empowr’s e-commerce features, as that is the backbone of its economy.

The Empowr Economy

The Marketplace is the e-commerce facility of Empowr where individuals can buy and sell premium blog posts, products, and services. The economy is in turn powered by daily Empowr users, because it is their posts that drive website traffic to these offers. Those that keep telling you why you should not join Empowr often merely concentrate on the posts alone, but completely fail to remember that the content people post are what results in real customers of services and products.

Marketing in the Empowr Marketplace

To prevent complication, keep in mind that there are 3 types of listings that users could buy or sell on Empowr: items, services, and premium blog posts. Consequently, these could be sold as auctions, subscriptions or fixed priced listings.

Fixed Cost: With Fixed Listings, the seller of the product, service, or premium post, sets a set rate for that listing, and the customer then acquires the product at that price (the purchaser also acquires an instant discount earning back to their account as a benefit of shopping on Empowr). For the individuals that have premium content that they wish to market, the Marketplace enables them to ask for others to read and see this material. This is perfect for a person which puts a great deal of time, effort and study into their posts.

Auctions: These are generally utilized by people which really want sell on a regular basis. For auctions, sellers can choose to list their items for up to 10 days at any price point they desire. By keeping their initial prices low and having a reserve price, sellers are generally able to get a lot of attention to their auctions that results in higher sales.

Subscriptions: The third technique of offering on Empowr is via subscriptions, for which users are billed on a monthly basis. Through this you are generating cash monthly instead of simply on a one-time purchase deal. As a seller, if your product and services are good enough to warrant a monthly subscription, then it is a great idea to capitalize on that paying model as it lessens the demand for your clients to manually make purchases.


Buying in the Empowr Marketplace

Empowr members have the ability to purchase items in the Empowr marketplace with their earnings as early as the next day that they are received. Additionally, they can make their purchases with an outside payment source as well, such as a credit card or PayPal account.

A unique feature of the marketplace that is not found anywhere else is the fact that users are able to purchase products from others, and then Sponsor (re-sell) them to other people for a profit without actually having to ship the product. By Sponsoring items, it turns buying in the Empowr marketplace not only more enjoyable, but also more profitable for both original sellers and casual buyers looking to make a profit.

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