How to find wordpress subscribers / newsletters / mailing list

How to view your subscribers list

If you started your own blog on WordPress in order to promote a business that you have, then you are definitely interested in the number of subscribers that you have over a particular period of time. First of all, it’s important that you understand the difference between subscribers and followers. Therefore, subscribers are those people that are usually represented by their real name and country where they are from while followers are the ones that also have a blog and they are registered to WordPress as well. This is why in order to check out your subscribers list you have to follow a few different steps compared to the situation in which you are trying to find your followers. All you have to do in order to view the people that have subscribed to you is to scroll down to the Site Stats and then scroll further down to the Subscriptions button which can be found after you click on the General option. This way, you will be able to get an idea regarding the popularity of your website and whether it has had the success that you hoped for or not. It’s very easy to verify how many subscribers you have and you shouldn’t forget to do that because this is a very important part of being a blogger in the first place.

How to get newsletters

When you first start your blog, you won’t be able to send your subscribers newsletters unless you installed a special kind of newsletter plug in. This option is entirely free because you can download it off the official website as long as the version of wordpress that you have previously installed is at least one represented by 3.0.0. The great thing about the plug in that you can download off the platform is the fact that it allows you to get an unlimited number of subscribers and an unlimited number of emails that you can send. Even if you haven’t considered this plug in before, once you have gained a larger number of subscribers, it’s a good idea to keep them interested by sending them a newsletter via e-mail so that they know you have posted something new on your blog. If the reason you started a blog was to promote a certain skill or business that you have, then a newsletter is the best way to gain popularity and make your work become more known. At the same time, you will be able to pick out the best theme for your newsletter in order to make it attractive when subscribers see it in their inbox.

How to get a mailing list

In a similar way as newsletters, mailing lists are able to connect you as a blogger with your subscribers. When a person subscribes to you, then he or she will automatically be placed on the mailing list if you have installed the plug in before. As in other cases, there is a small box that subscribers need to thick where they are asked if they would like to receive further messages and if they say yes, then they will represent a part of the mailing list. If you are wondering where you can get that particular plug in, then you just have to check out the plug ins that are available directly on the WordPress official website. Once you click on that button, you will be able to decide between a wide range of different plug ins. This mailing list plug gives you the possibility of having it come under a variety of languages such as English, German or Spanish for example. On the other hand, you are able to track down the number of people who have opened your e-mail and checked it out. If you have a lot of subscribers, don’t worry. This plug in can hold up an unlimited amount of subscribers as well.

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