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Internet Marketing is the process of delivering promotional messages to consumers through channels such as websites, blogs, advertisements and social media. As with all modern technology, the environment is ever-changing. Online marketers often need to modify their existing methods and take advantage of new opportunities to stay ahead of competitors and drive results for businesses.

One of the primary fields of internet marketing is search engine optimisation. This is the method of increasing a website’s visibility in the search engines to improve visitor traffic levels. SEO involves both on-site optimisation where relevant keywords are placed on a site’s pages and off-site optimisation which is the process of creating inbound links to a site. The better optimised a website, the higher its ‘pagerank’ and the higher its position in relevant searches.

Another major area of internet marketing is Pay Per Click or Search Engine Advertising which involves the utilisation of the Google AdWords or the Microsoft platform. Marketers create ads to show for relevant searches, to a relevant audience. The more appropriate the ad to its landing page, the more chance it has of showing and advertisers only pay when the ad is clicked. The key is to test different ads to improve conversion rates, lower the cost per click and increase ROI.

For a more audience-targeted approach, marketers can use the Facebook advertising platform. The site collates the data of its users, including interests, age and location to show ads that are relevant to individuals. Advertisers can specify the audience they want to reach and as with AdWords, can choose to pay each time the ad is shown or each time it is clicked.

An area of online marketing that has sprung up more recently is social media. Whereas platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were primarily designed for social interaction between friends, companies and businesses now use these networks to grow a wider audience, promote their products and services and to build relationships with customers. The channels work to spread brand awareness and to create a more personable impression of businesses.

Pinnacle Internet Marketing, an online marketing company based in Cardiff offers each of these services as well as a range of others which include online PR, email marketing, remarketing and conversion rate optimisation. Established in 2007, the company’s core aim is to connect businesses to more customers and they have grown their client base through an ideology that embraces honesty and value for money.

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