iPhone 6 Cases and Covers

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iPhones are sold and created by Apple Inc. The newest launched version of iPhone series are iPhone 6. The market is longing towards the upcoming iPhone release from Apple which might be iPhone 6 that may contain bulk modification as compared with prior launched versions. There are lots of speculations already arises relating to its specs, design and functionality. The market is additionally started developing gadgets that can be advantageous and will complement iPhone 6 design such as earphones, cases and equivalent products.

iPhone functionalities and tech standards:

The major change that Apple may do with this innovative smartphone can be phone display size, resolution, CPU, design and digital camera. This iPhone is going to be presented in September, 2014 possibly or may possibly be delayed right up till December of this year.

In iPhone 6 range, Apple Inc. expanded its screen size from 3.6 inches to 4.7 inches and gossip states that the new display screen size is going to be either 4.7 inches or 6.6 inches. This is because Windows and Android phones are entering the market with larger display sizes and both are actually the direct competitors of Apples products. The possible picture resolution display of iPhone 6 will likely be 1704 x 906 which will offer the 4.7 inch screen a pixel density of 416 and 6.6 inch touch screen a pixel density of 366. The Apple isn’t really likely to alter its thinner design approach and bring a similar familiar cutouts.

In iPhone 6 Apple will be utilizing an innovative A8 20 nanometer chip from TSMC suppliers. In iPhone 5 collection 64 bit A7 28 nanometer measured chip is employed which was the device of Samsung. The phone will have the exact same 8 megapixel camera with advancements in its functionalities. iPhone 6 will likewise preserve the some other functions such as 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, Touch ID fingerprint and modest battery gain.

iPhone 6 Cases and Covers:

iPhone 6 cases are now accessible in the marketplace and on internet for preorder. These covers are designed explicitly for iPhone 6 and utilizing constant concepts to last longer and perform proficiently. The two most renowned of all cases are HotCool iPhone 6 case and Caseology iPhone 6 cases.

HotCool iPhone 6 case:

These cases are intended specifically for Apple iPhone 6 with 4.7 inches phone display layout. The exterior design is created to protect back, corners and side surface. It will protect your iPhone 6 from scrapes. Built-in kickstand lets us to watch favourite movie clips easily. This is great to utilise this cover for scratch guard, unintentional drops and protection from dust.

Caseology Apple iPhone 6 cases:

It is the multipurpose case with two card slots and inner packet to carry credit cards. It also has a built-in stand to view device media comfortably. The case is intended to safeguard the smartphone from water, dust and some other impacts. It has good cutouts for full access to buttons, camera, mic and speakers.

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