Using the Lyft platform for safe rides

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You might wish to test your fortune with a promo code to get a totally free ride with Lyft. You may download the program to access the free rides but you must be a brand new customer. There is something special about being able to open up the app on your smartphone and be one tap away from a ride to your destination. When you are out with your friends and having drinks you will be happy to have Lyft on your side. This makes it very easy to go out and have fun without the worries of how you will get home safe.


Available to download on Android and iPhones smartphones. Here is the basic run down of how to use the Lyft app with a coupon code:

1. Download the App
You’ll need to download the app from the appropriate app store according to the type of smartphone you own. The app is free from the AppStore and Playstore.

2. Install the App
Once you navigate to the appstore make sure to sign in and click the install button to start the installation process on your smartphone.

3. Open the App
After the installation process you’ll want to locate the pink balloon icon on the home screen of your phone.

4. Once you’ve opened up the app you can start the sign up process. Next you’ll enter your payment information, name, address and a promo code to begin.

Lyft provides you with a totally free ride for as much as $10 in free credit when you visit this blog. The referral program is for an additional $10 bonus coupon. It is also possible to refer family and your friends for 1 free ride when they take their very first ride. The car sharing app can be downloaded by you in just a few minutes. You’ll get picked up by way of a friendly driver with a simple click of a button.

There’s absolutely no price to sign up for new users, and you’ll be able to try it for free with a credit code. What are you waiting for? Enjoy a safe ride during important events and occasions in your personal life.

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