Organizations Continue To Buy Twitter Followers in Secret

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Recently social media marketing has become a huge business. The reason for it is because it is simply so effective. Marketers have known for a very long time now that word of mouth advertising is the best possible marketing tool that is available to marketers and social media has made this form of marketing possible on a massive scale.

Of the main social networks used, Twitter is emerging as the one preferred by many businesses to expand their profile and engage their customers. Business now have dedicated positions focused on social media engagement and growth. The people in these jobs are focused on not only increasing the interaction with potential customers but increasing the follower numbers.

There are a number of different ways to get more followers on Twitter and many businesses are turning to methods that they want to keep secret. It takes time and effort to gain thousands of twitter followers and organisations are now looking for shortcuts. They have therefore turned to purchasing twitter followers.

Now there are companies who will do this for you for a nominal fee such as Fresh Followers. They deliver a set number to twitter followers to any individual or company who orders them. They will allow you to purchase twitter followers in huge quantities with a minimum order normally of around 500. This not only increasing the follower count giving an artificially inflated popularity indicator, but it actually encourages more real people to follow also. Studies have shown that people are more likely to look favourable on accounts with more followers and follow them also. Just think if you saw a company with 47 followers versus one with 47,000 – which one do you think would be better to follow. This is the power of social reinforcement. People believe something must be good if others are using it / following it / talking about it etc. Social media is a fickle platform and when a page only has a few followers, people might skip over it since they think the person or company is uninteresting.

Now these companies selling social media followers and likes are offering 1000 twitter followers as little as $15. Since this is a marginal expense, it may be worth it. Given the amount of followers a person or company has also dictates how much they can charge others to send out a tweet you can see why this is now big business. In the end this tends to be a positive return on investment and why the amount spent on buying facebook likes, twitter followers, youtube views and instagram followers is set to continue to rise in 2014.

However, if you are thinking of doing this yourself be careful not to get your account banned. Have some genuine followers before buying more or your account may be flagged by twitter. Also, make sure the provider has real followers that have bios and pictures or else anyone looking through your followers will soon become suspicious. Whether you do it is up to you but it is turning into an arms race for many companies. Many have taken the view that if other companies are buying social media fans then they should as well in order to look as popular. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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