Personal Beverage Containers and the Power of Personalization

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In an on-the-go society, reusable beverage containers such as travel mugs and desk mugs are a dime a dozen. They can be embraced by their users for their functionality as well as their form, but for the most part, they’re really just a nice way to enjoy a coffee while at home, when you’re out and about, or from your desk. A reusable mug may seem like a fairly simple everyday item of little significance, but these nifty drinking vessels are becoming a popular way to put your company’s name out there, celebrate a large event such as a business milestone, and even as a small token of appreciation for hardworking staff. Whichever way they are used, having a personalized mug with your chosen logo on it is an excellent marketing strategy and a great way to commemorate an important event.

An Unobtrusive Approach To Advertising

Having a company logo on a mug is an easy way to get a business’s name out there without doing any actual advertising. You may have decided to order custom travel and desk mugs for customer appreciation purposes. A customer who has used your company’s services receives a travel mug as a gesture of gratitude for your business. This customer finds a quality product that is of use to them in their daily life. They may use the travel mug every day. When this customer shows up at their favorite coffee house and stands in line with several other patrons, your logo is front and center: visible for the rest of the lineup to see.

This customer may even bring their travel mug to work where their fellow employees are able to see it, and so forth, until literally hundreds of people may have seen your logo. This is a hugely successful way to use indirect marketing to your company’s advantage without having to spend money on print commercials. Next thing you know, people are mentioning your company to someone in passing when discussing a service or product. Another customer comes your way, but without the predictable sales pitch that so many are accustomed to tuning out with all of the other mundane commercials and junk mail. This highly effective form of indirect marketing is made readily available.

Appreciating Your Employees

Although desk mugs and travel mugs are a far cry from a gold watch, they are still a small but thoughtful way to thank employees for their hard work and performance. Some companies prefer to have weekly draws for prizes when sales goals are reached and achievements are in need of recognition. It may seem inconsequential to higher ups, but handing out high quality mugs with a company logo is very useful in giving an extra shout out to employees so that they are aware that they are a valued part of a team. A little goes a long way with staff, especially in larger companies where people are used to hearing about where they rarely receive praise for when they’ve performed well. Sure, a company can offer extensive health and dental, corporate matching of pension contributions, but in the end, an employee still pays a portion of their check for these benefits.

An Excellent Commemorative Gift

A business is only as good as its last accomplishment. When your company reaches a milestone or has an anniversary, let the whole office know. Let the public at large know about it too. Hand them out in celebration of your latest corporate feat. The high-quality materials paired with your company logo let your clients know that your company is still thriving after 20 or 50 years. Why not make that statement in a unique and simplified manner? The recipients will enjoy these mugs for years to come; possibly until you can replace those with new ones a decade later.

Holding Your Grinds Throughout The Daily Grind

The advent of customer and staff appreciation is but one of many pros related to having a quality product such as a stainless steel travel mug with your logo across its surface. These handy mugs are perfect for getting your company’s name out there without being overt and obtrusive, and they make a stylish gift for a business to give out during times of great success and celebration. There are fewer ways of communicating a company message effectively as with a logo slapped on a hot cup of coffee. It’s an understated, if not subliminal way to reach out to your employees and consumers with a brand of class.

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