Ramzy Sweis

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Chicago-born Ramzy Sweis is a self-employed vlogger now but he was a culture columnist at the Arab Daily News for 15 months. His bi-weekly column reached 4,000 readers on average. His final column “Dog is God” made Reddit Top 5. They garnered 1.2 million unique visitors monthly yet starting out only at 300K!


Ramzy was fired on Easter, sadly; perhaps they feared for his safety as he lured a total of 480K readers?

Once he launched RamzySweis.com he practically handed in his resignation as the Arab News alleged he was going rogue. There last words were “Go work for Huff Post”! Working under the tutelage of spineless swine & being fired for the same reason he was hired is the quintessential definition of heartless. Ramzy hired lawyers to shut down the News conglomerate as his former boss (a long time friend of his family mind you) has the vitriol to replace his own name as the author as if Ramzy never existed.

Ramzy has moved to www.NeverRepeataJoke.com

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