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The much awaited apparatus, the Galaxy Note Xperia Z1 and 3 from the firms Samsung and Sony respectively, have got declared. A rough rivalry between both of these apparatus that are esteemed is likely to occur. Then it is actually really going to be hard that you choose one out of the aforementioned apparatus, in the event you are from many that are thinking of buying a brand new gadget. The lone way to lower the problem level down would be to take a look at the software and hardware specs of both apparatus. This informative article is useful in this facet. Continue reading “GALAXY NOTE 3 VS XPERIA Z1” »

iPhone 6 Cases and Covers

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iPhones are sold and created by Apple Inc. The newest launched version of iPhone series are iPhone 6. The market is longing towards the upcoming iPhone release from Apple which might be iPhone 6 that may contain bulk modification as compared with prior launched versions. There are lots of speculations already arises relating to its specs, design and functionality. The market is additionally started developing gadgets that can be advantageous and will complement iPhone 6 design such as earphones, cases and equivalent products. Continue reading “iPhone 6 Cases and Covers” »

Galaxy S5 accessories

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These days we generally use smartphones which are usually expensive and are very delicate. So these smartphones should be handled with pride. To guard these smartphones from dust and scratches about the super AMOLED display we have to protect it with a cover, and wallet covers are one of my favourite Galaxy S5 accessories. These wallet covers also protect the phones from accidental drop and few weather conditions like rains or splashes. Continue reading “Galaxy S5 accessories” »