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Edea Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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So, you need a professional looking website for your business, but you are not ready to pay thousands of dollars for it? Good news, I have a perfect solution for you! Continue reading “Edea Multipurpose WordPress Theme” »

A comparison of leading WordPress theme frameworks

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We can start building our website in different ways; it can be initialized using the HTML template followed by WordPress code. Secondly some uses WordPress as an initial and design just about that.
It can also be initialized through a framework, and that is in fact a competent and regular method to design WP theme.
In order to make more efficient and quick WP themes, a solid framework is required.
Here are some of the frameworks that we can say as starter themes. Continue reading “A comparison of leading WordPress theme frameworks” »

An insight into wordpress theme forest theme

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ThemeJunkie WordPress Theme

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What should you know about wordpress?

One of the common answers these days to the question “What is your hobby?” is represented by blogging. It’s no wonder, considering that Internet has started to become a large part of our lives and thanks to blogging platforms such as wordpress, this activity is very fun and accessible for everyone. You have probably heard about wordpress by now due to the fact that it has been a popular blogging tool for almost ten years and its popularity is surely at its peak right now. Continue reading “An insight into wordpress theme forest theme” »