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OrangeLinker – SEO Link Directory

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Ever wondered what you could do increase sales and profits by getting your business in front of a larger number of prospective customers? Then you should consider listing on OrangeLinker Seo Link Directory.

OrangeLinker is a human edited business directory managed by competent SEO professionals that not only allows you advertize your business, but also helps you increase your page rank on search engines. You can also advertize your product or service on the website. OrangeLinker offers the two advertising options – text link adverts and banner adverts. Continue reading “OrangeLinker – SEO Link Directory” »

Tips From An Expert: Getting Started With SEO

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Miami is an extremely competitive city for businesses. That means you need every edge you can get. Therefore every Miami based business with an active website should make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) its primary growth strategy. Continue reading “Tips From An Expert: Getting Started With SEO” »

WordPress.com or WordPress.org: Which One Should I Use?

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If you are looking to start a blog or website with WordPress, you have a decision to make. The road ahead forks into two paths. The first path leads to WordPress.com for a free WordPress account. The second path leads to WordPress.org for a complete, self-hosted installation of WordPress. Either of these paths lead to a free WordPress-powered site, but there are some key differences to consider. Here is a quick summary:
If you choose WordPress.com, you’ll have a site set up immediately after registration. Simply log in to customize your settings and begin adding content. The features included with the free account are perfect for small sites and blogs, and paid upgrades are available to do even more. Continue reading “WordPress.com or WordPress.org: Which One Should I Use?” »