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Designing a New WordPress Site with Satellite Internet

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Hello to all my WordPress Subscribers out there! Most of the time when I update this site I like to provide helpful tips about SEO and new and exciting developments in the world of WordPress blogging, but today I think I will expand my horizons a little bit and talk about how much high speed internet service really means to a developer. Continue reading “Designing a New WordPress Site with Satellite Internet” »

Does Your Website Need SEO Services?

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Let’s consider first a website I know that is quite difficult to locate. This particular website is for a wonderful eatery in the neighborhood where I reside.

I didn’t understand the address of the website, so that I went to Google.com, inputted the complete name of the eatery to the writing box, and clicked the search button. Continue reading “Does Your Website Need SEO Services?” »

Search Engine Optimisation Predictions (2014)

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Google constantly works on improving the Search Energy Optimisation strategy to ensure great user experience. The main aim of Google is to support good quality content providers and kick out marketers who cheat their way to high page ranks. The SEO algorithms are updated regularly in an attempt to eliminate irrelevant information and provide users with quality relevant search results. Continue reading “Search Engine Optimisation Predictions (2014)” »