What Nobody Taught You about How to Write to Make Sales on the Internet

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There are no classes about this.
Nobody posts about this.
There are no gurus who specialize in this.
There are no books about this…
In Spain nobody talks about this one little—but very important—detail: if you want to influence, persuade, and get people to buy from you…
You need to know how to write good copy.
The text on your website, blog, video presentations, and webinars won’t be persuasive if you don’t know how to write good copy.
There are three types of business owners, each with their own system of writing and persuading.
There’s the “I’m more important” type of business owner:
They write about their business and everything that they can do.
There’s the “my product is more important” type of business owner:
They write about how fantastic their product is.
And there’s the marketing pro type of business owner:
This is the smart one, the most intelligent of the three. When they write, they offer solutions to their potential customers biggest problems.
They know that the star of the show isn’t their company or their product… It’s the potential customer. And the only thing that really matters is whether or not what the business owner says has anything to do with the problems, passions, and desires of your potential customers.
Always start with the fundamentals of online marketing.
And when it comes to copy, these are a few of the fundamentals…

You Have to Understand Your Market

It’s impossible to write good copy if you don’t understand your market. As I’ve said before, the marketing pro business owner writes for their customers, by which I mean that they understand them.
You have to have a clear understanding of their irrational desires, their hopes, and what’s really important to them.
If you don’t understand the market, it’s difficult to write in a way that touches people emotionally.

Everything Has to Be Related to a Revolutionary Idea

There’s always a common thread. It doesn’t matter if it’s a post, a video, a webinar, or a sales page.
You need to find a revolutionary idea that drives your central message.
It makes it more enjoyable to read and penetrates into the subconscious of your reader.

Stories Sell

Stories are the Trojan horses of marketing. People open up to stories and let you communicate messages more easily.

Always Have a Central Point that You Want to Make

There’s always a central point that you want to make that’s indirectly linked to your service or product.
For example, if I’m selling a product that’s a low-profit but very safe investment, the point that I want to make is that, in these times, the best way to invest is to go for the sure bet because now isn’t the time to take risks.
If the product is highly profitable but less safe, the point that I want to make is simply that sometimes you have to take big risks because nobody else is doing it.
In both cases, you look for ideological weapons to reinforce that central point.
I could write volumes about writing good copy. It’s difficult to cover everything in one post.
A real marketing pro is a student of the art of persuasion because they know that they might have the best product in the world, but if they don’t know how people shop for it, they won’t make any sales.

By Edward Azorbo

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