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Creating content on a regular basis can be a challenge for all webmasters. Thankfully, Copify have created a plugin that can help. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Plugin and how it works.


Who are Copify?

Copify are one of the world’s largest suppliers of web content. Based in England, they help clients to order from a network of approved freelance copywriters based in the UK, USA and Australia through their easy to use websites. Now, thanks to this plugin, those with WordPress sites can order and publish content directly through their site’s dashboard.


What is this Plugin?

A plugin that allows you to order content for your WordPress site and publish it directly through your dashboard.


How does the plugin work?

You must first install the plugin, then register on the Copify site where you will be given an API key. To order, fill in the order form in the plugin, make a payment then wait for content to be delivered (usually 24-48 hours). Add any links, images and formatting and then publish your content.


Who is it for?

This plugin is relevant to anyone with a WordPress-powered site, but especially those who do not have the time or the expertise to update their site regularly with content. Copify are primarily targeting this as a product for those with company blogs which need regularly updating with fresh content.

Copify claim that demand for their service has increased following recent Google updates which have seen an increased emphasis on quality, original content, so this will be particularly relevant to those looking for a quality content writing service to help boost their Google rankings.


Is it any good?

WP Doctors said the following about it:

“The plugin is exceptionally well-written from a usability point of view. Copify is an excellent writing service, ideal if you want top-quality content. So it’s great to have a fully integrated solution within your WordPress blog, saving the hassle of having to copy and paste articles between platforms.”

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