How to boost your traffic with cats!

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The fascinating world of cats – Reasons why we love them so much!

Cats are probably the most loved animals on the planet. They have always cast a kind of never-ending spell upon us, humans; from the time they set their paw in our humble dwellings.

But what is it about them that make us so prone to seek their company? Is it because of the strange actions cats do after eating catnip?

There are many points of the compass to take into consideration when you want to answer the question- why do we love cats so much?

Wildlife on the couch

The main feature that makes a cat so different from any other pet is they never become fully domesticated. Cats remain wild creature all throughout their life and they never lose their hunter instinct. As all wild animals, cats are hard or impossible to train and they always do whatever they want to, no matter what we have to say or do about it.

boosttrafficwithcatsSince early beginning of humanity, people had been fascinated by wildlife and had always wanted to tame powerful creatures like tigers of lions. A cat is the smallest feline equivalent of a tiger and having one on your couch is like being the master of the jungle. And people love to feel they are in charge, even if they aren’t.

Cats to conquer the Internet

Many people love clicking funny images with their cats. Well, cats have conquered the world of Internet and have gone viral. There are few people in the world who have never heard or seen a picture of Grumpy cat. Just for the sake of comparison, a small percent of the world’s population have never heard about President Obama.


The reason is that the humankind has always been in high demand of LOLcats. The idea of picturing cats in human-like postures evolved a couple of hundred years ago but when web became the mainstream, cats went viral. A wild creature in an unlikely specifically human posture is prone to become infectious.

Combine this with the fact that most people have a cat and internet access, you will end up with a huge amount of cat pictures going online. Cats stir up extreme feelings in a person; you can’t go away from your favorite cat, whether you love what they do or not.

Complex creatures

Another psychological fact that makes people get attracted towards cats is that they are hard to “read”. You can tell what a man will do or say in the next minutes by “reading” his or her body language; same sort of prediction can be even made with a dog.

But with cats it’s different; they act in strange, hard to intercept ways and their actions can sometimes surprise all of us. As good-looking girls are in attracted by bad boys, humans are attracted by elusive cats. Pat a cat on its back and you will get to hear a purr; next time you pat the same cat on the back you may get a deep scratch on your hand, or even a bite. The complexity of a cats’ mind has always been a big enigma for humans and they have always been trying to decipher it.

In all this sea of misunderstandings, fascinating actions and cuteness, there is a single fact and that is everyone loves cats.

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