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Two Free Ways to Make Money on the Internet

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Most people waste hours of their time chilling out on the Internet – they chat on Facebook, watch videos on YouTube, post dozens of tweets, edit images and even buy useless stuff.

In fact, 1, 683, 862, 863 people use the internet EVERY single day.

What if I tell you that you can actually make money by doing what you’re already doing?

You can. There are hundreds of ways to make money using the internet. From basic techniques like selling your old stuff on classifieds, freelancing, and paid surveys, to advanced ones − like creating membership sites or developing your own products.
I could spend hours and hours to describe all these techniques, but I’ll only mention the more effective ones.

Let’s get rolling.

1) Blogging/SEO

When you search for something on Google, 95% of results on the first page are actually blogs.

What does this mean? Google loves content…

So, blogging consists on creating content with the main purpose to get a good ranking on the search engines. The higher ranking you have, the more visitors you’ll get. And more visitors mean more profit.

There are two ways to monetize a blog.

a) Google Adsense
Basically you give permission Google to post ads on your blog. So you get paid for every click people make on those ads.

Easy, right?

The more clicks you get, the more money you’ll make.

b) Selling affiliate products.
There are sites like ClickBank.com and JVzoo.com that allow you to sell other people products in exchange of a commission. The point here is create content and target specific niches, then selling products closely related to those niches.

As an example, let’s say you create a weight loss blog where you post weekly tips about how to lose weight faster. So, in this case you could sell a dieting training package. And since your visitors are actually looking for that kind of product, they will buy.

Cool, right?

You can create an account at blogger.com and start blogging today.
Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you understand how to write a blog.

2) Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that allows you to sell everything you want to − like handicraft, your services and even videos about yourself dancing in a bear custom (I’m not kidding).

Basically, Fiverr allows you to connect with people who may be interested in what you’ve to offer.

The best part about using Fiverr is that you don’t need to have any skill at all to start making money. As I said, you can sell bizarre stuff like videos or handicraft.
Nop, you won’t make a lot of money, but I’m sure you’ll make enough to take your girlfriend to dinner to a nice place every week or pay some bills.

Are you ready to make money?

Hope you stop wasting your time on useless stuff and actually start using the internet to make money.

Learning more about wordpress

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English: WordPress Logo

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What is wordpress?

Over the last decade, Internet has become an important part of our lives, having multiple uses. One of them consists in the fact that people are able to express their ideas, thoughts and much more on online platforms such as wordpress for example. The great thing about wordpress is that it doesn’t require you to pay for making your blog or using it which is what made it so accessible for everyone. At the same time, this is also one of the reasons why it has become so popular. As the creators of wordpress mention on the official webpage, this blogging tool is considered to be “free and priceless”. Continue reading “Learning more about wordpress” »

An insight into wordpress theme forest theme

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ThemeJunkie WordPress Theme

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What should you know about wordpress?

One of the common answers these days to the question “What is your hobby?” is represented by blogging. It’s no wonder, considering that Internet has started to become a large part of our lives and thanks to blogging platforms such as wordpress, this activity is very fun and accessible for everyone. You have probably heard about wordpress by now due to the fact that it has been a popular blogging tool for almost ten years and its popularity is surely at its peak right now. Continue reading “An insight into wordpress theme forest theme” »