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A Hostgator Discount is all it takes

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For every person the world is a playground with all sorts of opportunists that provides us with the one singe goal in our live to be successful in one field that we love to do and hope that thing will bring the joy of our life. Like most of you until recently I didn’t have a purpose in live that interested me, but one friend introduced me with the Internet world and showed me the opportunists that can happen if you use the Internet wisely. Continue reading “A Hostgator Discount is all it takes” »

Why delete the history in internet is important

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While we surf on the net, all our searches, downloaded files, data filled in the forms and visited sites are stored in our history. Internet web browsers (google chrome, microsoft internet explorer, mozilla firefox, safari and Opera from Apple), google and some applications like google, facebook and skype log our activity in their databases. Continue reading “Why delete the history in internet is important” »

Less Is More When It Comes to SEO

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Let me tell you a quick story about a new client of mine: he’s in the home cleaning niche, targeting a couple of pretty good keywords (robot vacuum reviews and steam mop reviews), and he’s got great content on the site. His on-site SEO is top notch, his articles are well-written, and his pages are laid out really nice as well. Continue reading “Less Is More When It Comes to SEO” »

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Website Design in Lancaster, PA

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Plato Web Design is known for high-quality web design that integrates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the very beginning all the way through the final touches. Our firm offers the most comprehensive guide to Lancaster PA Web Design ever written, and if you’re a Lancaster business you’d be missing out if you didn’t read it! Plato Web Design takes into consideration population and demographic research when optimizing your website for local search results and conversions. You won’t find another company taking these sort of measures. Continue reading “Website Design in Lancaster, PA” »