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booksteam.com appointment scheduler

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Appointment scheduling software can save small businesses time and money if they choose the right program. Today I want to review a new comer to the appointment marketplace. Its name is Booksteam.

Like many other software’s Booksteam offers users the ability to login and set up their calendar with available appointment times and schedules. Clients can then book their own sessions using any internet device. Nothing new there, but booksteam.com kicks it up a notch by offering a few “extra’s” that will make you feel like you have hired an invisible office assistant. Continue reading “booksteam.com appointment scheduler” »

Edea Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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So, you need a professional looking website for your business, but you are not ready to pay thousands of dollars for it? Good news, I have a perfect solution for you! Continue reading “Edea Multipurpose WordPress Theme” »

Designing a New WordPress Site with Satellite Internet

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Hello to all my WordPress Subscribers out there! Most of the time when I update this site I like to provide helpful tips about SEO and new and exciting developments in the world of WordPress blogging, but today I think I will expand my horizons a little bit and talk about how much high speed internet service really means to a developer. Continue reading “Designing a New WordPress Site with Satellite Internet” »

A comparison of leading WordPress theme frameworks

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We can start building our website in different ways; it can be initialized using the HTML template followed by WordPress code. Secondly some uses WordPress as an initial and design just about that.
It can also be initialized through a framework, and that is in fact a competent and regular method to design WP theme.
In order to make more efficient and quick WP themes, a solid framework is required.
Here are some of the frameworks that we can say as starter themes. Continue reading “A comparison of leading WordPress theme frameworks” »

WordPress.com or WordPress.org: Which One Should I Use?

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If you are looking to start a blog or website with WordPress, you have a decision to make. The road ahead forks into two paths. The first path leads to WordPress.com for a free WordPress account. The second path leads to WordPress.org for a complete, self-hosted installation of WordPress. Either of these paths lead to a free WordPress-powered site, but there are some key differences to consider. Here is a quick summary:
If you choose WordPress.com, you’ll have a site set up immediately after registration. Simply log in to customize your settings and begin adding content. The features included with the free account are perfect for small sites and blogs, and paid upgrades are available to do even more. Continue reading “WordPress.com or WordPress.org: Which One Should I Use?” »

WordPress Plugin Review – Copify

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Creating content on a regular basis can be a challenge for all webmasters. Thankfully, Copify have created a plugin that can help. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Plugin and how it works.


Who are Copify?

Copify are one of the world’s largest suppliers of web content. Based in England, they help clients to order from a network of approved freelance copywriters based in the UK, USA and Australia through their easy to use websites. Now, thanks to this plugin, those with WordPress sites can order and publish content directly through their site’s dashboard.
Continue reading “WordPress Plugin Review – Copify” »

Learning more about wordpress

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What is wordpress?

Over the last decade, Internet has become an important part of our lives, having multiple uses. One of them consists in the fact that people are able to express their ideas, thoughts and much more on online platforms such as wordpress for example. The great thing about wordpress is that it doesn’t require you to pay for making your blog or using it which is what made it so accessible for everyone. At the same time, this is also one of the reasons why it has become so popular. As the creators of wordpress mention on the official webpage, this blogging tool is considered to be “free and priceless”. Continue reading “Learning more about wordpress” »

How to find wordpress subscribers / newsletters / mailing list

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How to view your subscribers list

If you started your own blog on WordPressin order to promote a business that you have, then you are definitely interested in the number of subscribers that you have over a particular period of time. First of all, it’s important that you understand the difference between subscribers and followers. Therefore, subscribers are those people that are usually represented by their real name and country where they are from while followers are the ones that also have a blog and they are registered to WordPress as well. Continue reading “How to find wordpress subscribers / newsletters / mailing list” »

An insight into wordpress theme forest theme

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ThemeJunkie WordPress Theme

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What should you know about wordpress?

One of the common answers these days to the question “What is your hobby?” is represented by blogging. It’s no wonder, considering that Internet has started to become a large part of our lives and thanks to blogging platforms such as wordpress, this activity is very fun and accessible for everyone. You have probably heard about wordpress by now due to the fact that it has been a popular blogging tool for almost ten years and its popularity is surely at its peak right now. Continue reading “An insight into wordpress theme forest theme” »