Less Is More When It Comes to SEO

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Let me tell you a quick story about a new client of mine: he’s in the home cleaning niche, targeting a couple of pretty good keywords (robot vacuum reviews and steam mop reviews), and he’s got great content on the site. His on-site SEO is top notch, his articles are well-written, and his pages are laid out really nice as well.

Basically, he’s got all his on-site SEO down near perfectly, but his rankings are not where he needs them to be (hence, why he is a new client of mine). So what was his problem?

If you guessed that it was his back linking strategy, then you are correct. You see, the thing about SEO, is that it’s a constantly changing game. Just because one thing worked a couple of years ago, doesn’t mean it’s going to work today. Heck, just because it worked a couple of MONTHS ago, doesn’t mean it’s going to work today. The game changes, constantly, and you need to be prepared to change with it.

This guy was using back linking strategies that were in fashion all the way back in early 2013. He was manually building all these Web 2.0 properties (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr), etc., throwing a few, crappy spun articles on them, and then blasting those sites with a ton of automated links that were very, very low quality.

Now, again, this kind of tiered link building was quite effective over a year ago, but Google has caught on, and it really doesn’t work any more at all. So what did we do? We removed all the junk, spun Web 2.0 properties, and then did a full link audit of his site. We contacted all the webmasters for all the sites that we linking bad links to us, and asked them to remove them. Yes, it took quite a long time.

Then, we used the Google webmaster tool to request the removal of the remaining links. And then we got to work, building high quality links. Now, I’m not going to give away our secret sauce, but you can assume that we build well-written, original articles, and placed them on high-quality, non-spammed sites. The thing is, we only have to create a few dozen of these high-quality articles, and his rankings began to shot up.

The take away here is that today, with SEO, less is more.

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