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Tips To Find The Best Web Design Agency

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A common practice while looking for something on the web is to ask Google for it. The fact is that Google is very apt at this job. So if you are looking for a web designing agency on the internet, it is certainly wise to Google it out, however, the only downside of Google is that although it can provide you with a list of websites that run a web design agency, it cannot make informed judgments to separate good ones’ from the not so good’ ones. It will only throw names of a number of agencies in front of you making it a difficult task for you to choose the one that will fulfill your needs. Continue reading “Tips To Find The Best Web Design Agency” »

WordPress Plugin Review – Copify

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Creating content on a regular basis can be a challenge for all webmasters. Thankfully, Copify have created a plugin that can help. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Plugin and how it works.


Who are Copify?

Copify are one of the world’s largest suppliers of web content. Based in England, they help clients to order from a network of approved freelance copywriters based in the UK, USA and Australia through their easy to use websites. Now, thanks to this plugin, those with WordPress sites can order and publish content directly through their site’s dashboard.
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