Why delete the history in internet is important

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While we surf on the net, all our searches, downloaded files, data filled in the forms and visited sites are stored in our history. Internet web browsers (google chrome, microsoft internet explorer, mozilla firefox, safari and Opera from Apple), google and some applications like google, facebook and skype log our activity in their databases.

This information is used for two activities:

  • Help the user to remember a search, a previous visited site exact URL or for example can store a chat with a friend.
  • Recommend to the user advertisements and services depending on their activity, mainly through google adsense software ads.


But what is the history? For each day, from the beginning of the use of the software, our activity is logged. There is a register with the hour, day and year of our activity in detail: search, chat, navigation, etc.

Each application that automatically stores the history, have a procedure to delete history partially or totally with some steps (you can find guides to clear the history at http://deletehistory.info).

When you are using a shared computer (for example in a public place or a family shared one), it is important to keep your confidential and private information safe. You will have to remove all the history to avoid others discover your data and invade your privacy. Also, it is safer to clean the history to avoid malware actions, virus, phishingm etc.

All the above also applies when you are using a smartphone or a tablet.

A very interesting option that some of the web browsers have is to automatically delete our history. With this we will not have to worry about clearing our history. But be careful maybe there is something you need to remember and you will not have it stored.

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