How Dental Practices Can Benefit From Experienced Local SEO Companies

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When it comes local businesses, dental practices are the best. After all, they provide a certain kind of service and an individualized customer experience. However, they also need to put attention on geo-targeting marketing techniques so that they can garner the advantage that using local SEO methods can lead to.

There are two key ways in which you can use Local SEO:

  • Google Local
  • Local Dental SEO via Geo-Centric Keywords


Google Local, which was previously called Google Places, is considered a cost-effective method to attracting new clients to your business’ website. Results via Google Local are not the same as traditional search results. How so? These results will have a pin adjacent to them. In fact, a Google Local result may appear similar to this:


There are three key points to remember when you’re optimizing for Google Local, Bing Local or even Yahoo Local.

  • Well-Optimized Profile Page – The major search engines permit profile pages to be arranged with company and contact information, pictures and videos. It’s important that dentists keep this in mind when carrying out their SEO campaign.
  • Citations – All citations are is the contract information of your company – company name, address, number and website.

Use Geo-Centric Keywords For Local Dental SEO

There is a multitude of similarities between traditional SEO and local dental SEO, except for one thing: you must combine the geographical modifier with the keyword. Think:

  • Dental offices In Austin
  • Braces Austin
  • Dentist in Jonesboro
  • Jonesboro Dentists

Since geo-centric keywords are regarded as being long-tail keywords, there’s not a lot of search competition. A qualified SEO company should have the ability to rank your geo-centric keywords quicker than using a generalized-based keyword such as “dentist.” For your SEO campaign, the attention should be on long-tail, geo-centric keywords.

One More Thing…

If your end result is to be cost-effective, it’s important you employ a highly knowledgeable and experienced SEO company to assist you in your efforts. There are a plethora of ways that you can trick Google to rank your website higher in the search results, but the company is rather smart and will, in time, catch on to your deceit.

SEO marketing has so many restrictions, which is why you need to employ marketing people who know the ins and outs of the field. Make use of your money wisely to ensure effective marketing – not to pay for lawsuits.

You Can’t Do It All

Many people see marketing as something difficult to do, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a little dedication and time. It’s why you should leave the marketing tactics to the professionals. SEO companies stay current on all the trends and changes such as website code and search engine algorithm. These companies have taken the time to learn everything about SEO that you don’t have time to focus on.

We know that most dentists would like to use all the above methods, but we know they’d rather spend their time helping clients have a healthy smile.

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