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Are you looking to setup a Minecraft server that you and your buddies can all play together on? If you have been searching the internet then you realize that some services can be quite expensive. Paying for Minecraft server hosting can be a real pain in the rear. That is why we are offering free Minecraft hosting. But, there are many sites out there offering this service. Why should you get your free Minecraft servers from us?

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The Server is Yours

You are not trying to start a server that anyone can play on. That is why our servers are not available to the general public. When you setup a server for your use then it is just that. This doesn’t mean that you have to set it up every time. It is saved in our servers. When you and your buddies need it then it will be there for you.

You are Protected

Anytime you are setting up an online server then there can be some risks. That is why we use state of the art security to make sure that you and your server are fully protected. We use DDoS protection for all of our servers.

We Offer Superior Resources

Your free Minecraft servers are only as good as the infrastructure that runs them. If you go with a free Minecraft server hosting provider that uses inferior infrastructure then you can experience downtime, have games that run slower, and trouble your friends can have trouble joining you. You will never have any of these issues with our service. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your game will running smoothly, you just have to worry about having fun.

Easy Setup

You simply want to play Minecraft. You don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up your server. That is why we have made the process easy. You are able to setup your free Minecraft server within a few minutes. That way, instead of spending your time setting everything up, you can focus on playing.

How is it Free?

This is a natural question that we receive a lot. How are we able to provide such great servers for free? Well, the answer is the same as many free services on the internet. Our servers are supported by ads. It is this revenue that allows us to offer you offer such quality free Minecraft server hosting.

From personal experience, we understand how much fun Minecraft can be. It is even better when you are able to play on a server with your friends. When you are looking for free Minecraft servers then keep in mind how much attention the company pays to their infrastructure, if they offer you the proper security, and how easy it is to setup. If you keep these in mind then you will be able to find a quality service. That is why you should setup your server with us today. Save yourself some time that you can spend playing instead of searching.

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