Using The Internet To Plan Your Next Hunting Trip

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The internet is amazing for so many things, and I use it for practically everything – including planning all my hunting and fishing trips. You see, I’m a big outdoorsman type, and about once every month, I head out to the Catskill Mountains with a group of buddies to do some game-hunting and deep-sea fishing. Being the responsible one of the group, I’m always in charging of doing all the planning – and there are many different websites which help me out. Here are some of them that I use.

Google Maps. It may sound painfully obvious, but if you’re planning an expedition, you need to know where you’re going. And when you’re heading out to the mountains, it’s quite easy to get lost – so I always plan out ahead of time, step-by-step, all our directions using Google Maps, and Google Earth. This way, there’s no wasted time driving around lost, asking for directions.

Expedia. Though we generally like to “rough” it out in the woods, we’re too old to do traditional “camping” – so nowadays we sleep at a nearby hotel. When you’re up in the mountains, it can be tough finding a cheap, reliable place to stay. There are some decent bed and breakfast places, however, and I always use to find the best deal. I love Expedia because it gives you all the available options, with detailed reviews, and they offer the best price. They’re also extremely easy to book with, which makes things easy.

Blade Forums. This is a great hunting website that I always read through before we go out on our next adventure. It’s a forum website, where other outdoorsman types gather and chat about great areas to hunt around, which blades and knives they are using and finding great success with, and they just generally share tips and tricks about their hunting experiences. It’s a great way to interact with other people who share your same hobby, and it could only be possible with the amazing powers of the internet.

So there you have it – three crucial websites that I use every time I go on a hunting or fishing trip.

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