Offshore software development: change is coming!

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It’s not a surprise, that the major supplier of offshore software development services today is India. But problems with breaches of patent laws and low-qualified personnel can dent its position. Countries of Latin America and Eastern Europe step on India’s toes.
Customers started paying more attention to innovative character of developments and to the territory of company location. The second point is grounded on the cultural compatibility of specialists and comfortable time of operational communication. Language proficiency is one more advantage of neighbor countries. However, all these matters are whacked by low cost of man hours of the offshore services supplier giant.

Can Eastern European countries compete in this battle?

According to the Gartner Company research, Belarus ranks 12 in the listing of main countries providing offshore services. As a matter of fact, among Belarusian developers there are popular mobile and internet-technologies. While Java is the most popular technology for computer programming, majority of projects are related to java web development.
As far as 68% of smartphone users prefer Android operating system, development of relevant applications is in demand. That’s why offshore outsourcing in this sphere significantly increases. About 700,000 android apps were released according to statistic data of October 2012.


The USA is an undisputable customer of offshore services

Speaking of the consumer market for offshore android app development, USA is one of the main one. There are two reasons for that. One of them is cost efficiency: local work power in IT vertical is extremely expensive. Besides, the most part of students of the US universities came from other countries. And the number of American qualified specialists is smaller because of that.

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