PS4 features and tips

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Got a PS4 but you aren’t familiar with all of its features? Didn’t know you can activate menu or choose game just by saying it loud? Didn’t know you can install games remotely or type with a text? No worries, here are all tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about.

It’s easier to say than look for it: say “Playstation” and the console will start to listen for any of available commands. The voice commands are pretty intuitive. E.g. starting the game by saying “start”. This also includes: entering the Library, opening the internet browser or Music and Video Unlimited, taking screenshots, logging off, putting PS4 to standby or going to previous screen with command “back”. Just say the thing you need and PS4 will recognize it. Sony really made an effort to save gamers time.

New DualShock has an option to type with a pointer. Typing can also be done with smartphone or PS Vita, another practical and time saving feature. Downloading a game can be performed from another device, not necessarily PS4. You can download or upload even when Playstation is in standby mode. Charging the DS4 controllers can be done when the console is off, although this feature should be previously turned on in settings.

Here are more hidden or unknown tips for PS4:

  • double-clicking a PS button will restore the recently used app.
  • Playstation Eye Camera allows you to login using the face recognition
  • Broadcasting your gameplay can be done at any time
  • Login in with Facebook will display your real name on PSN
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