Social Media Marketing and Using Plug-Ins

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Many individuals that are setting up a business and especially those in the entertainment world such as DJs, bands and music artists tend to want to use the Word Press platform because of its ease of use. There are a lot of benefits to using the Word Press platform and one of these is being able to really use the online marketing techniques that are going to lead them to success.

What is really important to realize with online marketing is that while much of it can be automated one cannot lose sight that it must be effective. You wouldn’t want thousands of people Liking your Facebook Page, who will never buy your product or listen to your music. In other words, you don’t just want Likes, you want *prospects*. When it comes to social media marketing there has to be a personalized touch to it and this is often lost through automation.

Automation comes with using the various plug-ins that are available. For example, there are many plug-ins that will allow automatic posting to Facebook or Twitter, for example. Often what this will do is take a snippet of the content that has been produced and transpose this on to the social media platform.

There are some real drawbacks to this as the snippet may not have that personal social touch that is going to be appealing to the Facebook or Twitter fans. It is much better to set up a format were unique content can be used for the social media posts with the proper linking back to the original content where the exposure is required. Not only does this produce the traffic that one is looking for with their content but at the same time it encourages engagement which is what social media marketing is all about.

The major search engines favour seeing commenting and interaction throughout the social media platforms and have placed a great deal of priority on this. By using plug-ins although this can be a time saver it really does not replace that personal touch that is required. If time is the issue in trying to get Facebook Likes then as a side note, we recommend We are not big fans of ‘buying likes’ – there are a lot of risks to that. We recommend you work with someone like Liftoff to grow your Fans the right way – through well-targeted advertising.

Social posting does take time to do and this is why so many favour the automation of social media marketing. Some will even take it a step further and use a plug-ins that will post the same snippet to all of the media platforms. Again this is redundant and often it doesn’t get picked up by the major search engines because it is classed as duplicate content. DJs particularly and other music artists are so passionate about their industry, and really have the talent and the ability to be able to reach out to their social market in a unique way. Using automation robs them of being able to do this.

The followers on Facebook that give Likes are very tuned in as to being able to discern quickly those that are passionate about their content, and this automatically creates a greater interest in what the business is trying to portray.

It has to be remembered that social media is all about sociability and is not in favour of postings that are sales in nature. Often automatic postings portray this sort of picture and for the most part should be avoided. That doesn’t mean that all social plug-ins are bad, it just means that those that are in the entertainment world or any other type of business for that matter, must be really choosy as to the type of automation that they are going to use via the plug-ins.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your Page!

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