Tips From An Expert: Getting Started With SEO

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Miami is an extremely competitive city for businesses. That means you need every edge you can get. Therefore every Miami based business with an active website should make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) its primary growth strategy.

SEO means increasing your site’s visibility in Web visitors search results. Optimizing your business website is a continuous process that begins with on-page optimization. Your site has to be carefully formatted for it to be discovered by search engines.

The best way to get started it hire a professional Miami SEO company to design a website that is search engine friendly. Once the website is setup you can implement these on-page SEO tactics:

Monitoring where you stand

Begin by monitoring your search engine standing to know how well your SEO tactics are working. Use tools like Google tool bar and Alexa to check your page rank. Also check your referrer log find out visitors
to your site and the keywords they are using to find you.

Keyword phrases

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics to get keyword ideas for your website. Use specific keyword phrases like “how to get started with SEO” in order to optimize your website.

Back linking

Ensure that you link back to your archives constantly when creating new content. The more links point to your website the higher its search results.

Use URLs that are search engine friendly. For example: instead of URLs that are long and hard to remember like:

Optimize your images with titles and alt tags. Alt tags help search engines to identify images and display
images for visitors who do not have an ADA device.

Create a sitemap

Put a site map on your webpage-a list of a web site that users or crawlers can access.


The content you put in your site should be human readable, fresh, useful to readers and oft-updated.

Link to other sites

Develop relationships with other websites to increase traffic to your site. You can do so by asking the webmasters of popular sites to include your link in their sites as you do the same to theirs.

These are some extremely basic tips on how you get started with your own campaign. For more information, please feel free to visit our website at


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