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Getting your website ranking can be very easy or very hard. The thing that makes the difference is the keywords which you want to rank for. There are some which can be easy to rank and some which are very hard. The more competitive the keyword then the harder it will be to rank for.

This process of identifying which keywords are easy and which are difficult to rank on is known as Keyword Research. This is part of the skill set known as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This covers a range of activities which are all designed to get your website ranking better in the search engines. This is not to be confused with PPC which is Pay Per Click, this is the paid placement of rankings within the results.

For SEO to be effective there are a range of core tasks and activities which you need to know how to do. These cover both on site changes and off site. Off site changes focus around marketing and link building. On site focuses more around making the site as friendly to the search engines as possible. All of this is covered in the SEO training course from digital eLearning.

You probably already know that the most important on page factor is the page title. By placing your keywords within this you can both optimise the result which search engines show for your pages as well as making them more relevant to the terms which you use.

Knowing which activities to undertake and how to do them isn’t easy, luckily there is some help at hand. With the course you can get to grips with all the different aspects and get your site ranking in the search engines. Getting your website going when its just started isn’t easy, but by using the right tactics and optimising your site correctly you can start reaping the rewards.

So go ahead and start learning what you need to know to get your site ranking for the keywords you need.

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