How Websites Commonly Kill Conversion

The only way to have your business be a success is to convert leads to sales, yet many websites make critical errors that can actually send customers running the other way. The problems tend to begin by not clearly defining what the customer should do in order to purchase. Simply asking them to contact you is not enough, which means clear, simple instructions need to be given. Keeping it simple is a must, yet many sites muddy the waters by giving too many options or steps to follow, all of which will put the customer off before they ever complete the sale.

Everyone is now well aware of the importance of keywords in getting people to arrive at your site. If the keywords used to get them there are not consistent with what is on your pages, they will leave. They also don’t like to be blinded by sales babble and buzzwords, all of which are often viewed as nothing more than a way to cover up something not so good. By all means sell your product, but do it in a way that doesn’t incorporate a tone of industry jargon that will bore the buyer to tears. You need to also try and avoid being overly pushy, opting instead to show verifiable proof that your product or service can effectively fill their needs.

Customers want to know that you are there to help if they need it, so offer that up in a couple of different ways. Make customer service available to them, making sure to answer any and all questions that come your way. It’s also a good idea to go the social media route, allowing your customers to feel as though they are somehow a part of what you have to offer. Give them a voice and you will be surprised at how often they use that to say good things about your business.

The fact that you have a website up that sells a product is proof enough that you want to make sales. You don’t have to hammer your visitors with the hard sell, as pushiness will often appear like desperation. Use the pages of you website to deliver great information about what you provide and the industry you are in. Adding a blog to a site is a great way to interact with potential customers, while gently selling them on what you do. If you have a lot of content, to may be hard for them to find what they are looking for. A search box on your website is essential, because if visitors can’t find what they want in a couple of mouse clicks, they will go to your competitors.

You don’t want to baby your customers, but you do want to give them clear, concise directions that will show them how to make a purchase, assuming that they want to. Keep it all simple and to the point and you will be rewarded with sales.

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