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Car rental in Faro

Faro is the unofficial capital of the Algarve region of Portugal, and the resort makes a convenient base from which to explore the 150 km of south facing coastline.

Car hire options

If your trip calls for car rental, Faro airport has the most options in the area, with several smaller and locally owned companies, as well as a couple of the larger names in car rental. Faro airport serves about 6 million passengers a year, with about half of them coming from the UK and is served by about 40 airlines, including RyanAir, EasyJet and British Airways. The airport is located just a few miles from the city, making it easy to pick up your car and drive to your apartment or hotel in Faro. Car rental rates are often lower if you book your car before you leave home, rather than on arrival at Faro. Continue reading “Car rental in Faro” »

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Ramzy Sweis

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Chicago-born Ramzy Sweis is a self-employed vlogger now but he was a culture columnist at the Arab Daily News for 15 months. His bi-weekly column reached 4,000 readers on average. His final column “Dog is God” made Reddit Top 5. They garnered 1.2 million unique visitors monthly yet starting out only at 300K! Continue reading “Ramzy Sweis” »

A Few Words On Movavi Photo Editor For Mac

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Photos assure a great way to reminisce the good times shared and it’s the natural to edit them for a more personalized effect. Do you too have some photos that you are planning to retouch? It could be that you had a fantastic party with friends a few days back and you are looking to improve the photos through smart editing. You do have the photo editing software solutions today but not all would be compatible for you. Some of the photo editing programs call for great computing skills and hence won’t be suitable for an amateur editor like you. Besides, many of them are really pricey. But Movavi Photo Editor for Mac presents a sharp contrast to the regular photo editing software solutions that you get these days. How so? Well, here goes a short review on the Movavi Photo Editing program. Continue reading “A Few Words On Movavi Photo Editor For Mac” »

Great images for your website

Stocklib has a fantastic collection of high resolution stock images, each of them created by gifted illustrators, graphic designers, visual art designers, and photographers. Take the time to browse their amazing and colorful selection of high quality, high resolution stock photos and images. They display high resolution photos on any niche you might think of: from sports, health, education, services, and products, to animals, lifestyle, books, or fantasy art. You can select the images that you like, make a purchase, and download them. And they offer these glorious masterpieces for a low price. Continue reading “Great images for your website” »

10 Digital Content Creation Tips and Tricks

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Digital content creation is becoming more and more popular by the day, as there are many people building websites and informational sources that offer others valuable content. However, even though there are thousands of such websites, most of them are not properly written, primarily because people do not pay close attention to what other people want or need. However, in order to create attractive digital content, we need to consider a few very important aspects, but let’s take a look at a series of tips and tricks you can use in order to improve your digital content creation skills and learn how to captivate other people’s attention this way. Continue reading “10 Digital Content Creation Tips and Tricks” »

WordPress Plugin Review – Copify

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Creating content on a regular basis can be a challenge for all webmasters. Thankfully, Copify have created a plugin that can help. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Plugin and how it works.


Who are Copify?

Copify are one of the world’s largest suppliers of web content. Based in England, they help clients to order from a network of approved freelance copywriters based in the UK, USA and Australia through their easy to use websites. Now, thanks to this plugin, those with WordPress sites can order and publish content directly through their site’s dashboard.
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